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What To Know About Door To Door Shipping To Dominican Republic Locations

door to door shipping to Dominican Republic

When shipping items overseas, it can be common to experience problems with delays and failures due to regulations and shipping requirements. There are various rules regarding what and how items can be shipped. Failure to follow these rules can cause your package to be seized by customs or sent back to you at your expense. Here’s what you need to know about door to door shipping to Dominican Republic locations:

Import and Export Permits

Certain items require a permit in order to be either imported or exported from the Dominican Republic. You will need to seek a permit if you plan to ship creams, flowers, food, medicine, military equipment, or gambling items. There are different ministry organizations for seeking permits. The item you plan on shipping will determine which ministry you will need to contact.

Food deliveries require a number of documentation requirements and shipping conditions. You will need to inquire with a Dominican freight forwarder about what specific rules are to be met for your perishable goods and commodities. You can use point to point transportation to decrease travel time.

Restricted and Prohibited Commodities

There are numerous items that are either prohibited or restricted with door to door shipping to Dominican Republic locations. Electronic goods such as TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, stereo equipment, and other similar items are prohibited and will be either seized by customs or returned to the sender at their expense. Credit card and check blanks, ivory, plants, and hazardous materials are not allowed for importing or exporting. Unused traveler’s checks and products produced in Iran are also prohibited.

Electronic cigarettes and alcoholic beverages may be shipped but they require a special International Special Commodities contract. Jewelry and related accessories will incur additional charges from customs outside of normal freight charges for paperwork procession, inspection, verification, and transportation. Commercial drug samples must be registered with the Dominican Health Department who must stamp the commercial invoice for customs to release it for shipment. You should consult with an international freight shipping company if you are unsure if your commodity can be shipped to and from the Dominican Republic.

Knowing the rules and regulations with door to door shipping to Dominican Republic locations will help ensure your packages can be shipped and delivered as desired. You’ll save time, money, and hassle by knowing what these regulations are so you can be assured that your package will arrive as promised. This will not only keep your business profitable but your customers happy and satisfied as well.

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