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What Type of Shipping Container Do You Need?

shipping company in Miami

Planning out your business’s shipping logistics requires careful consideration and coordination. For many businesses, shipping remains a relatively new operation that has yet to be mastered. When not properly grasped, one mistake in shipping may cost your business more than necessary. One of the basic elements to planning your shipping is to understand what type of container service you need from your shipping company in Miami. 

​Less Than Container Load 
​A normal miscalculation businesses make is overestimating the size of their cargo. Misjudging your cargo size can place you in a vulnerable position with some shipping companies as they will try to convince you that you need a large overpriced container. More professional shipping companies will inform of other options such as their less than container load service. This option allows you to share container space with other shipments. Sharing a container is more cost-effective to ship smaller cargo and environmentally friendly. 

Full Container Load 
All cargo is different and possesses varying demands when shipping. Your cargo may be large enough to require its own container, or you may not feel comfortable sharing a container. Which is why a shipping company that offers plenty of container options is important. Full container load services are exactly as they are described. Your cargo is shipped in its own container and will not be transported with other cargo. 

​Reefer Container 
Some cargo shipments are more delicate than others. Refrigerated goods is a prime example of cargo that needs extra care. Not all shipping companies can provide the appropriate containers to keep refrigerated goods in good condition during shipping. Reefer containers are built to accommodate perishable goods and keep delicate cargo fresh. 

For all types of cargo, JML Corporation, Inc. knows what container you need to ensure your shipping goes as smoothly as possible. They offer all forms of containers for your cargo to guarantee it is safe and protected during the process. 

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