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What you need to know about customs duties when shipping to the British Virgin Islands

shipping to the British Virgin Islands

There are a number advantages to shipping via the ports of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). These ports are convenient, centrally-located and unfettered by political unrest. In addition, the Ports of Virgin Gorda and Port Purcell are modern with a large array of amenities for shippers. To make your shipping transaction out of BVI go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to have a basic knowledge of customs regulations and what paperwork you’ll need to accompany your shipment.

Customs duties for shipping from BVI

Customs duties in BVI are calculated on the value of the goods shipped. This amount ranges from free to 25 percent, with the majority of items falling in the 5 to 10 percent range. A complete list of BVI customs duties is available online from the BVI government website.

What paperwork is needed when shipping from BVI

The importer needs to present a Declaration of Goods form to the Customs Officer at the port and pay any necessary custom duties to the cashier. The customs duties may be paid in either BVI or US currency. The cargo is then inspected by a Customs Officer and matched to the Declaration before it is loaded onto the vessel. If all the goods are not declared on the document, the entire shipment is held at the customer office and the owner must appear before the Port Commissioner.

To learn more about customs regulations in the British Virgin Islands, visit We have offices in the US, Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands and can ship your goods to more than 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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