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What You Should Be Looking for in an International Freight Forwarding Service

international freight forwarding

International freight forwarders perform a crucial role in collecting, storing, and shipping goods across the nations, and choosing the right one guarantees success to your business. The global aviation industry alone shipped cargo worth approximately $6.4 trillion in 2012. This fact implies that there are numerous forwarding companies out there facilitating this industry. But how do you hire the right one? Here, we’ll review some important considerations you should make when seeking for the perfect international freight forwarding company.

Certification and credentials

It’s vital to ask for credentials and certifications from the prospective freight forwarding companies that you intend to hire. These details will help you to know whether the freight forwarder you plan to hire has the expertise, experience, and security requirements to handle your cargo well.

Industry experience and expertise

An authentic international freight forwarding company should have a thorough knowledge of the freight industry as well as the relevant knowledge and experience. The cargo companies that you hire should have a skilled workforce with a staff that is knowledgeable on all logistical processes. The team should also be capable of adhering to the rules when handling shipping paperwork.

Prompt shipment delivery

An ideal international freight forwarding firm should do timely delivery and pickup of its customers’ shipments. It’s hard to know whether your prospective forwarder can make timely delivery. But you can always rely on customer reviews and testimonials to determine whether your chosen company offers quick cargo delivery.

Networking with global agents and haulers

International freight forwarding companies work hand-in-hand with other global agents and haulers. If your prospective forwarder works with a large number of transporters or haulers and many global forwarding agents, then it’s perfect to seal the deal. Also, check the kind of carriers that your forwarder works with because you may have to choose air, sea, road, or rail carriers.

Volume of shipments

The amount of cargo that a freight forwarder handles in a month or year is a clear indicator if their shipment handling capacity. Hiring a freight forwarder that manages a small volume of shipment when you have a lot to ship isn’t wise. Always go for freight forwarding companies with a large capacity and be aware of the fact that you’re not the only client that they will serve.

Types of freight or shipment

Has your prospective international freight forwarding company ever shipped the kind of load that you have? Some freight forwarders specialize in shipping specific goods such as medicine and medical equipment, fresh agricultural produce, or vehicles. As such, ensure that you hire a forwarding company with expertise, tools, and experience in shipping your kind of goods.

Choosing a freight forwarding company for your business is akin to the selection of a vendor, supplier, or manager. Research is crucial in this process and considering all the factors highlighted above increases your chances of getting an ideal international freight forwarder.

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