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When is customized packaging a necessity?

You can ship almost anything if it is packaged correctly. Some items may need to have customized packaging simply because a box or crate just won’t protect it sufficiently during transport. For large objects, building a crate that is designed to fully surround and protect an object will take some time but is a necessary part of the shipping process.

Irregular Size, Shape or Weight

In most cases, if an item is larger than most conventional box sizes, building a crate is the next step. Palletizing an object may also be considered if it will within the boundaries of the edges. Oddly shaped items may also require the use of a specially designed crate. In some cases, it may be possible to take the items apart so they can be shipped separately. This will reduce the overall weight of the item and decrease its size, allowing it to fit in a smaller area.

Extremely Fragile

Items that are extremely fragile will also have to be packaged using extra materials. The item may have to be placed in two or three different boxes allowing for extra cushion between each one. This allows the box to absorb some of the shocks if the box is dropped or is shaken during transit. Bubble wrap, air pockets, packing peanuts and even crumpled newspaper can be used to protect your items from being damaged.

Making sure your items are properly packaged prior to shipment will reduce breakage and keep your losses to a minimum. Going the extra mile to customize your packaging can add just the protection you need to keep your items from being damaged during transport. Whether it’s adding more packing material or building a custom crate, a little more preparation will go along way when it comes to keeping your items safe and secure.

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