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Why Palletizing Should Be A Priority

Palletizing a shipment

Palletizing your freight is simple to do and offers many benefits that can save you both time and money. In some cases, discounts may be offered by some carriers if you choose to palletize a shipment of smaller packages. Pallets are easier to load and unload and also make it easier to fit more freight onto a truck or train car.

Saves Space and Money

Palletizing a shipment involves placing all of your smaller boxes neatly onto a pallet and then wrapping it with shrink wrap to hold everything tightly in place. This allows the entire pallet to be moved onto the transport vehicle quickly and efficiently. 

Better Organization

When you have multiple boxes that are shipped separately, there is a greater risk that one or more of them may be lost or damaged in transit. When your shipment is palletized, it counts as one item. Each pallet comes with a list of items that is included on the pallet. This allows for better organization and faster loading and unloading.

Less Breakage

Shrinkwrapping all of the smaller items together on a pallet prevents them from being tossed around during transit. This keeps them secure and can dramatically reduce the risk of breakage. Even if the pallet is hit or bumped, it is less likely to damage the boxes held together by the shrink wrap.

Palletizing a shipment only takes a few minutes and when accompanied by a detailed bill of lading, makes organization and record-keeping a snap. It allows you to save money on shipping costs as well as save time with loading and unloading. Do your research and find out how much palletizing your freight can improve the shipping and receiving aspect of your business.

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