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Is It Worth Expediting Your Freight?


Many companies try to shorten the shipping time by expediting their package. While it may be worth it in some cases, it may cost you money in others. It will also depend on how quickly the buyer wants the freight to arrive. If they are in a hurry, they may be willing to pay the additional charge to speed up the shipping process.

Ship Earlier If Possible

Ship your packages as early as possible. Waiting until you are on top of the deadline can result in lengthy delays, especially if you are shipping internationally and have to worry about customs and period searches at the port of destination. If you know the shipping process is going to be lengthy, try to ship a few days in advance if possible. This will eliminate the need to expedite, saving money and time.

Know What to Expect During the Shipping Process

International shipping involves several steps. Expediting a package will not force the package through the system, but it will put it first in line to be checked in and processed. Shipping freight nationally normally poses very few problems. International freight, however, must go through several checkpoints and pass inspections, This can take extra time that may slow down the process making expediting the package a waste of time.

Before you spend the money to expedite your freight, find out if it will be worth the effort. You will need to know the shipping process and what the package must go through before it reaches its destination. Depending on where it is going and how much other freight is on the same vessel, the intake and inspection process can take several days. Shipping early may be your best bet.

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