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Hiring a U.S. Purchasing and Shipping Agent

Hiring a U.S. Purchasing and Shipping Agent

If you live outside the United States, but receive a lot of mail including letters and packages from the U.S., hiring a U.S. purchasing and shipping agent can save money. An agent based in the United States can often order products within the country for much cheaper than ordering from outside the U.S. Another advantage is that an agent inside the U.S. saves immensely on shipping charges to them. For a reasonable fee, you can have your purchasing and shipping handled within the U.S. saving you on these administrative costs and often the price of the products themselves. Even with the agent fee, you still save money. Then once purchased and delivered to the agent, your mail can be held until you can pick it up or have it delivered to your location.

Shipping Options


Using this method of purchasing, you can have the agent store products for a periodic pickup if you or your representative comes to the U.S. However, you can also have your agent ship the mail to you periodically themselves if they ship to your part of the world or they can have another shipper deliver your mail to you. Depending on your need, you can arrange periodic shipments weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. How often you receive your shipments is up to your arrangement with the agent.

Storing Shipments


If you don’t need your shipments immediately, they can be stored at an agent’s location for pre-arranged amounts of time. As the customer, you will need to determine the value of storage fees vs. shipping fees dependent on how often you visit the United States. However, agents typically store customer shipments until the next periodic shipping date. In most cases, having your mail stored in the agent’s warehouse for a few days is still cheaper than for you to buy it yourself and have it shipped directly. To find out more, contact an agent for a fee schedule and delivery options.

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