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How to Prepare Your Goods for Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Shipping your container goods to the British Virgin Islands is a convenient option over using more congested and more expensive ports. This island group’s central location makes it an ideal distribution point for companies who sell in the Caribbean region. However, getting your goods to their destination in BVI in good shape is essential to a profitable enterprise. Below are just a few tips on preparing your goods for the voyage.

Tips to prepare your goods for ocean freight

1. Pack fragile items carefully. While packing materials add weight (and therefore cost) to your total shipment, your cargo needs to be able to withstand being moved by forklift and the movement of the ship during transit. Fragile items should be labeled as such on all four sides of the box.

2. Pack your goods in uniform shipping boxes. Pack your goods in heavy shipping boxes designed for this purpose, not in bags or any other type of container. The boxes should be uniform so that they will stack evenly on a pallet. In most cases, you can deliver your goods already on a pallet or have our team palletize your boxes for an additional fee.

3. Make sure your goods are able to be transported via shipping container. While most goods are able to be shipped via containers, some are prohibited or limited by law, such as explosives, corrosives and firearms. Some items are unsuited simply by the nature of the product, such as perishable food and plants.

To learn more shipping goods to and from ports in the British Virgin Islands and how to make sure your goods are well-prepared for ocean freight, visit We have offices in the US, Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands and can ship your goods to more than 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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