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Why International Businesses Need a Good U.S. Shipping Agent

While “buying local” may be a trend that a lot of people are pushing, the hard fact is that most consumers need to go outside the neighborhood to find the products they want and need. In order to stay competitive in the world market, businesses need not only to think outside the box, but outside their country’s borders as well.


Customs Protocol Can Vary From Country to Country

Whether your company is located in the U.S. and regularly ships abroad, or you have manufacturing or distribution facilities in other countries of the world there are many different regulations depending on the the country where a product is produced and where it is shipped from. Countries other than the United States will look at the receipt of shipments from the United States differently than businesses who operate on a strictly domestic basis. In a similar vein, the United States Government has its own rules in place when it comes to shipments from outside the country. A good U.S. Shipping agent is familiar with the regulations and customs protocol from various countries, and will know how to efficiently respond to any issues that may arise and keep the customer informed  by providing complete tracking in order to keep International businesses updated on the status of their shipments during every leg of the journey.

The Role of the British Virgin Islands

In 1984, the British Virgin Islands issued a statute called the International Business Companies Act that brought many international corporations into the territory. The Act has undergone various amendments and was drafted and updated largely due to the U.S. government cancelling a treaty that had provided “double taxation relief” in the British Virgin Islands and other areas that were considered microstates including the Vatican and Monaco. This move led the British Virgin Islands to become a leader in offshore financial centers across the world. In 1984, there where 1,000 IBC incorporations in BVI, with numbers increasing each year and reaching 60,000 in 1997.

Providing a Solid and Accessible U.S, Base

With the British Virgin islands playing such a strong role in International business, it is important for a shipping agent to have a strong connection to BVI in order to hold tight to those international businesses and assure that customers are able to receive the products they order in good condition and in a timely fashion. But often, cargo shipments need to be received and distributed from U.S. soil. Miami, Florida has become a very popular and efficient location to achieve this, as it is positioned to accept shipments by both air and sea. Ideally, a good U.S.. shipping agent will maintain a strong presence in both the United States and the British Virgin Islands. JMI Deliverit accomplishes this.

JMI has both offices in warehouses in the Miami area as well as the British Virgin Islands, which helps them to manage cargo shipments to and from both areas. In addition to receiving and distributing shipments, JMI also provides services such as cargo insurance, access to proper crates and packaging, and full customer service and tracking in order to keep each shipment moving as efficiently as possible, no matter where it originated or where it is going.

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