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Making the Most of Shipping From the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are more than a beautiful place to travel to for pleasure, but they also make a great location for your business, especially if you are going to be shipping a lot of packages throughout the U.S. and Latin America. Business that ship at least some of their product from BVI not only save money on taxes, but they are able to pass the savings along to customers while still providing fast and efficient service to their customers at a reasonable cost. Making the Most of Shipping From the British Virgin Islands is crucial.

If your corporation owns its own cargo ships, they need to be properly registered to make sure that shipping from the British Virgin Islands is successful. The Islands are part of the Red Ensign Group and include the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Guersey, Jersey, as well as another 8 overseas territories, Shipments are securely monitored by the British Navy, UK Maritime, and the Coast Guard that ensures that safety measures and legalities are followed. Not only does the British Virgin Islands not charge corporate taxes, shipments are subject to the Virgin Islands Special Trust Act (VISTA) which addresses both financial issues and environmental hazards.

For large cargo shipments, working with an expert shipping fulfillment company such as JML Deliverit can help to make sure your shipments are moved as efficiently as possible. With the British Virgin Islands as one of our main hubs, we are able to consolidate shipments that will ultimately go to multiple locations and get them shipped both to and from the British Virgin Islands. Our presence in the Islands is more than ships or a warehouse. We maintain one of our offices in the British Virgin Islands and the other just outside of Miami, FL. In both locations, our knowledgeable staff is there to guide you through every step of your shipment, satisfying both you and your customers.

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