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Shipment and Transportation Fees

Shipment and Transportation Fees

Shipping products around the world can be a costly endeavor. Using an international carrier to plan the logistics and help determine the most affordable means of shipment can be a godsend. Transportation companies that deal with other countries and international shipping rates on a daily basis know how to get you the best rates for the right type of benefits.

Shipping Time

Transit or shipping times will vary depending on the type of carrier you choose. Rush deliveries that require expedited service will require the fastest possible modes of transportation that are more costly than the average. In some cases, overnight or 2-day delivery may be 50% or more than the usual delivery fee. When determining your shipping time, you will have to take into account any stops that may delay the transportation of your goods and provide an ample cushion of time so your deadlines are met.

Type of Shipment

The type of product you are shipping will also determine the mode of transportation as well as the cost of the delivery. If the product is fragile or requires extra care, additional fees may apply. Careful packaging of the product can prevent damage and also reduce the cost of shipping. The size of the shipment will also denote the mode of transportation. Extremely large shipments may have to go by ship if everything must stay together. If the shipment can be divided up or is on a strict deadline, then a flight might be necessary.

Customs, Tariffs and Import/Export Fees

International carriers must constantly deal with customs fees, tariffs and import/export fees. These are commonly the fees that must be paid and are not negotiable because they are dictated by the government that operates the port. If you plan on shipping something at an international level, make sure to account for any additional fees that may be placed on your shipment.

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