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Shipping Legalities – When to Use Caution

Shipping Legalities

Shipping LegalitiesAs a rule, shipping internationally is a basic process. You may have a few documents to fill out and other tasks, but there is nothing TOO serious to worry about while shipping. However, sometimes you may wish to exercise a little additional caution. Before you send off any of the following items, do some research so that you can rest assured you are- not breaking any laws—even accidentally!

  • Alcohol — Generally, standard shipping methods are not acceptable for mailing alcoholic beverages. This requires special handling and care.
  • Perfume – Perfume is normally only able to be shipped by surface or water transport—not air.
  • Prescription Drugs – The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) has strong regulations on how prescription drugs can be shipped.
  • Cigarettes & Smokeless Tobacco – Mailing any type of tobacco product requires care. This is normally only allowed by approved carriers.
  • Firearms – Only licensed manufacturers and certain dealers are allowed to mail or receive handguns. Other weapons are mailable; however, shippers must comply with all regulations.
  • Aerosols – Aerosol cans are highly flammable when they are not kept at a stable temperature and not allowed to fall or drop.
  • Lithium Batteries – These are another product that can be unstable when not carefully monitored.
  • Paint – Paint requires special handling and must be declared to the shipping company. Each firm handles it differently.
  • Nail Polish – These are applicable to many of the same regulations as other paints.
  • Certain Glues – Many glues can be unstable when not carefully monitored.
  • Live Animals – Utilizing approved and regulated transport means is recommended.
  • Cremated Remains – This is generally not something that is mailed—they must be declared and shipped through approved means.

While these are all products that require care when shipped, and may be susceptible to legal issues, they are only a few of the items you should use caution when shipping. Before you ship anything that could be problematic, do some research. It could be that using a freight forwarding service or otherwise working with an expert, will prevent you from making a potentially costly, or dangerous, shipping mistakes.

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