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The Number Of Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Will Surprise You

purchasing agent duties

Whether you are assigned to purchasing agent duties or have some other role, understanding the shipping process of your company’s goods is important. As one of the leading air and ocean cargo companies in Miami, we understand the main concerns most businesses have when it comes to door to door shipping. However, in addition to reliable, cost-effective shipping, we know that many companies are also interested in eco-friendly shipping practices.

As a result, learning about environmentally friendly shipping practices is one of the most important purchasing agent duties of the moment. Not only is it good for the environment (obviously), it can also help companies boost their brand reputation. For example, direct cargo transportation services will allow your goods to be transferred in a more environmentally friendly fashion because of the decreased freight miles and stops. This, in turn, can save you money and get your products to customers in a more timely manner.

If you are on the fence about going green, here are some ways you can easily implement greener shipping practices:

Look Into Alternative Packaging: As a freight forwarder in Miami, we see all sorts of types of packaging. There are many new types of eco friendly packaging on the market today. Consider taking advantage of eco friendly packaging such as:

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon and pollution footprint. Avoiding the classic styrofoam packing peanuts will put you ahead of the curve. In fact, states like New York have already banned the styrofoam packing peanut.

Cornstarch Packaging. One of the great things about cornstarch is that it is an organic material and easily biodegradable. Because it is made from corn, it has plastic-like properties, which has many uses in shipping. Some of the most common uses of this eco friendly packaging are in bottles and loose fill packaging.

Mushroom Packaging. Here is a surprise for whoever is in charge of your shipping and purchasing agent duties: Mushroom packaging may be the next big thing. Fused together by a matrix of mushroom roots known as mycelium, this packaging is very eco friendly and comes from agricultural waste (meaning a plant that cannot be used as food for humans or animals). This packaging is very mold-able and biodegrades at an incredibly fast rate into non toxic matter.

Seaweed Packaging. If you thought we were done with plant-based packaging, think again! Seaweed and algae are already used in the food industry as thickeners or vegetarian alternatives to gelatin. As far as shipping agent duties are concerned, this material is being used as eco friendly packaging alternatives.

Use Recycled Cardboard and Paper: Ok we are getting back to the classics now. Recycled materials are always good. Whether it is paper packaging, instructional booklets, cardboard boxes, or any other type of packaging material, use recycled paper material whenever possible. It is very easy to get your hands on recycled cardboard and paper. Look for post consumer or post industrial recycled materials or materials marked as FSC Certified.

Use Eco Friendly Plastics: As great as it would be to stay completely away from plastics, that isn’t always realistic. When plastics are needed in packaging, look for eco friendly and recycled options. There are many options for 100% recycled plastic materials that can be used for shipping. Drums, spill trays, you name it, you can find it recycled.

So no matter what your purchasing agent duties are, think green! It is good for the environment and your brand reputation. Additionally, it might end up saving you some money on shipping supplies.

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