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What Is a Purchasing agent, Anyway?

In the shipping and retail industry, a purchasing agent plays an important role. A purchasing agent serves as the go between for international sellers and domestic buyers. This allows people who are buying internationally to have a trusted company they partner with to receive the shipment and ensure that it is properly forwarded.


Why Are Purchasing Agents Needed


The growth of online shopping has made the world, quite literally, the shopping market for the modern individual or business. With the click of a mouse, a buyer can purchase something from halfway across the world. This can bring a significant number of complications. A purchasing agent serves as the representative that tracks and then receives the shipment, verifies that it was not damaged and ships it to the end client.


How Purchasing Agents Benefits Sellers


Manufacturers benefit from working with a purchasing agent because the agent double checks the package to ensure all items are included and not damaged. This helps improve customer service and the satisfaction of the end user.


Purchasing agents play a huge role in helping buyers make the purchases they want, and actually work directly for the seller. The purchasing agent will accept packages on behalf of the buyer, monitor the shipment, inspect them and then forward them to the end client.


By grouping the purchase with other shipments to make one bulk shipment, the purchasing agent can help the end user save money. Also, the purchasing agent can help buyers living in countries where delivery of online purchases is a challenge. By shipping to the purchasing agent first, these buyers can get their merchandise without as much difficulty.


Making online orders is challenging, but a purchasing agent makes it just a little easier. Whether you are buying in the USA or from another location around the globe, JML can assist you with the services of an experienced purchasing agent.

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