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What Purchasing Agents Do for International Business

Purchasing Agents in USA

At JML our purchasing agents provide a service of receiving shipments that come from counties all over the world. Our U.S. offices and warehouses are in Miami, Florida is a perfect location whether a package comes in by sea, or air. Products that are shipped Internationally need to go through certain protocols in order to be sent to their final destination. At JML our purchasing agents can work with International suppliers to help assure that shipments are successful.

This includes consolidating shipments to maximize efficiency. Depending on the shipment, and its contents shipments may stopover at any of our locations, in The British Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, or Miami.

The Biggest Customers for Our Purchasing Agents

Many of the products that are shipped internationally actually originate from online orders on eBay. Many products come from countries such as China, Canada, are various other countries around the world. Vendors and suppliers need to have a proper go-between that understands the proper protocol with different countries and cultures. At JML, we make it our business to know what to say, and what not to say, but you still do your own shopping. Whatever you are purchasing, it is important to both you and us that it be high quality and carry an affordable price

Good Communication Makes For Good Business

No matter what products you are providing, or which ones you are looking for you may need to deal with many different suppliers. While you may be an expert in your own business, it is difficult to keep up with all the rules and regulations of origin countries, not to mention cultural customs that keep your temporary business partners from becoming offended. Our purchasing agents can help with this difficult territory to give you more successful transactions and satisfied customers overall.

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