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What Recourse Do You Have If A Package Is Damaged During Transport?

What Recourse Do You Have If A Package Is Damaged During Transport? In most instances, shipping packages from place to pace is simple and easy with no damage or issues with deadlines. On the rare occasion that a package is damaged in transit, it is important to know how to recover the cost of the item. One of the things that will be looked at when a package is damaged is how it was prepared for transport. It is up to the company that is shipping the item to make sure it is sufficiently protected for the trip.

Filing An Insurance Claim

Before shipping any package, the company is often asked whether or not they want to place insurance on the item. The initial cost and value of the item will often determine how much, if any, insurance is purchased. Once it has been determined that a package has been damaged, it is important to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. When insurance is purchased by the person or company shipping the package, it is covered regardless of who is at fault. If no insurance coverage was purchased, the only recourse for the shipping company is to go after the company that transported the package.

Filing A Claim With the Carrier

If a transport company is negligent in how they handle a package and it receives sustainable damage, the shipping company may take action and file a claim with the carrier. The company can dispute that the cause of the damage was improper packaging, but most have liability policies that protect them from financial loss if an item is damaged. Accidents that are beyond their control can result in damage to both cargo and property are not uncommon and are also covered under certain types of liability insurance.

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