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What To Look For When Hiring a Shipping Agent

If you are looking to hire a shipping agent, you need to find one that has both air and ocean cargo logistic experience. Many freight forwarders in Miami and along the Florida coast specialize in both types of shipping. Cargo companies that ship products for wholesalers use purchasing agents and shipping agents to help them maximize efficiency when moving their freight one from place to another.

Complicated Air and Ocean Logistics

Air and ocean logistics can be extremely complicated. When several companies have freight going to the same destination, it is cost effective for them to use a shipping agent that can organize loads and maximize storage space on both airplanes and cargo ships. Miami freight forwarders are highly skilled at putting together loads for freight being shipped to Latin America and other international ports. The weight, size and deadline for arrival all play a role in calculating the logistics of a shipment. A shipping agent must choose the type of carrier that allows each of these three elements to be addressed efficiently and cost effectively.

Exceptional Organization and Planning Skills

A shipping agent must be able to organize each load so that no space is wasted, while at the same time taking into consideration the overall weight of the entire shipment. Freight must be loaded by destination as well as the deadline for its arrival. Latin American cargo companies that have an immediate deadline may be shipped by airplane, while other types of freight may be sent on a cargo ship. No matter what type of carrier is used, routes must be carefully planned. Both types of carrier systems must take weather into consideration, as well as the schedule for the port of destination.

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